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The Scientifically Engineered "Blow-by Catch Can" that will SAVE you money and Increase your Performance!

Not to mention the immediate RX your engine will receive upon instillation....(click here for data)


North Canadian White Truck Sales Ltd.

Darryl Jones

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction with your product "THE CONDENSATOR".

After having the engine properly tuned, I had a Condensator installed on my motor home.  I recently returned from Florida, having traveled over 7,000 miles with my new Condensator.

I noticed an increase in power as well as improved gas mileage.  The mileage went from 10 miles per gallon to 12.5 miles per gallon.  That was engine.  this was seen from the deposits left in the jar.

In closing, I would like to say that I would highly recommend your product to all.


State of Arizona, USA

Vehicle Inspection Report


The following reports are the results of tests conducted on a new Dodge van fitted with regulation crankcase/exhaust emission control system.

The first test was conducted with zero mileage on the vehicle.  A CONDENSATOR SUPPLEMENTARY CARBURETOR was installed on the vehicle's engine and then driven a total of 14,000 miles over the next month, it's tail pipe emissions were again recorded at the same inspection station.




Hydrocarbons at Cruise were reduced from 51 p.p.m. to 24 p.p.m., a reduction of 52.94%.

Hydrocarbons at Final Idle were reduced from 19 p.p.m. to 15 p.p.m., a reduction of 21.5%.

Carbon Monoxide at Cruise was reduced from .03% to .02%, a reduction of 33 1/3%.

Carbon Monoxide at Final Idle in both cases remained constant at .02%.




Snap-on Tools

Bart Douglass

Authorized Dealer

Boise, Idaho, USA


Since we installed the Condensator on my Snap-On Tool truck, the change in gas mileage was a surprise.  I really was skeptical at first, then, after the first week my mileage was increased from 5.9 per gallon to 8.4.  That was a 42% increase!  Now I only fill up twice a week instead of three times.  With each fill up averaging $35.00 you can imagine the savings:  about $120.00 per month.

Thank you again for your sale, I'd recommend the Condensator to anyone who wants to reduce their gas bill.

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IH8MUD.com Forum


"...a few reasons I went this route..."


1) I wanted a clear reservoir so I could easily see the oil level.


2) I wanted an extra LARGE reservoir so I wouldn't have to service it as often.


3) I wanted a removable reservoir for easy maintenance (drain cocks take too long and can be messy).


4) I wanted a deep reservoir that wouldn't let raw oil get sucked up when wheeling on steep inclines.




 Hey Gang,


I wanted to report my experience using the Condensator supplemental carburetor. I have been using them for years on all my vehicles, and can't say enough about them. THEY ARE FOR REAL, and deliver instant results in terms of idle quality and throttle response. You won't believe how much smoother your car idles and crisper it is, esp. off idle.


My 1995 P-71 (RIP) which I had this device on before used to get 14.5 MPG. After installing the device, it went up one mile per gallon per tank full, until it hit 20.5 MPG! This was with more city than highway driving.


On a trip to Florida from MA, I got 28.5 MPG on one tank (I'm not kidding) and averaged 27 MPG.


Normally, your crankcase becomes filled with vapor that includes blow-by and other nasty contaminents, and caustic products from oil break-down. The motor is FORCE FED THIS EXCREMENT THROUGH THE PCV SYSTEM. Viola, instant disgusting inside of manifold, gummed up valves, and general refuse inside intake system. Combustion chambers become a MESS.


The Condensator works by separating the light, vaporized hydrocarbon component (which is harmless, vaporized oil) from the nasty sludge. Your A/F mixture is actually being supplemented by free combustible mixture! This is one reason gas mileage and HP go up!


The other reason is because of how much more efficient a motor is able to run when it's not gummed up by excrement


Anyway, that's the long and short of it. It's INGENIUS and really works.


If you clean it every 3-5K miles, your results will be spectacular. I would let it go too long, and even not empty it when I should, and even abused, it still delivered consistent 17.5 MPG, which is a 3 MPG improvement!!!


I had similar results with my 1988 P-71.


I won't be documenting the results in my MM, because I find it much more fun to drive with a half tank of gas, and have been thrashing it so much, and not filling it up, I simply thought it didn't make sense to record mileage.


Notwithstanding, what a SMOOTH idle, crisp response, and I swear my cold start missing is getting better (is it the condensator, or the Shell V-POWER gas I'm now using, I can't be sure)




Anyway, I just can't say enough about the device, and highly recommend it to all my friends at Mercurymarauder.net.


Because your motor will be ingesting so much less excrement from the PCV system, people are also finding their motors are actually LASTING A LOT LONGER, as well. Rings, bearings, seals - I believe everything benefits big time.


Try it, you'll love it, and it will pay you back, not just in $$$ saved at the pump, but in a smoother driving experience, longer lasting engine, etc. Oh, and did I mention it's even good for the environment?